We Can All Chill Now

People, right now Americans just want to feel like their government is headed by someone who isn’t a rank sociopath, and the fact that they’re rallying around Biden is a good and hopeful sign. It shows that the people haven’t been uniformly hypnotized by the cruel, dog-eat-dog doctrine currently attempting to smother all the hope and promise of their great country. Needless to say (but I’ll say it anyway) Biden is *far* from the perfect candidate. He’s old, he’s doddering, he’s a little embarrassing. But he’s a Democrat, a believer in liberal democracy, a human person with deep relationships with good people. He will be surrounded by smart technocrats who will support him through the general election. He will be encouraged to choose his VP wisely. She will be younger, hipper, and super-intelligent. Barack and Michelle Obama will support him. Bloomberg will pour $$ into helping Democrats win House and Senate seats (as he’s already done). World leaders trying to protect their democracies will be steadied and ratified by the knowledge that the US, the world’s policeman, scold and beacon of hope, has regained its sense of optimism and purpose. The young people who worship at the altar of Bernie will be disappointed and disaffected, and then they will grow up… and start voting. They’ll push for better medical coverage for more people, a process that will already be underway thanks to the Democrats regaining power. Biden will stagger through the next four years, and then his VP or someone like her will take up the baton. Have faith, friends!

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