How technology took over my life

Nexus 7

I used to be a Luddite. I loved 19th century novels and old black clothes and Victorian houses and kitchen gardens. I thought walking to a friend’s house to drink wine and smoke cigarettes was exercise. Things are different now. Now I love my Nexus 7. But does it love me back? Have I gained something from entering the technological age? Wait, scratch that, I know I’ve gained from the technological age. But there’s a quid pro quo, that’s fer sher. I’ve just spent the better part of two days managing files across all my computers, phones and tablets. I’ve deleted thousands of duplicate files, entered and re-entered passwords, linked accounts, and quite possibly spammed innocent friends and acquaintances with requests for chat/talk/other communication. I’m assuming they’ll let me know.

I’m not a Luddite anymore, I’ve adopted 21st century habits, but I barely know what I’m doing. I wonder at my old, Luddite self, at that creature from another century with her ideals and aesthetic I no longer relate to. I wear running shoes now, and go to the gym, and build websites, and study SEO. I’ve got a tablet and it’s got me. What is next, friends? How do I rock the world now?


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