Computer crashes strengthen character

Gen's computer crashes

Gen's computer crashesOr so I hope. I sincerely hope that all difficult things ultimately lead me to a state of expanded consciousness and greater wisdom than the somewhat shaken, panicky, frustrated and irritable person I was pretending to be yesterday at around 2:30 in the afternoon. Entertaining the kids, yeah? And then enlightening them, elevating them, inspiring them and bestowing the gift of relief upon them when I made a show of mastering the baser emotions, practised deep breathing and thought about a solution.

Sounds pretty lofty, don’t it?

Would that I exercised such masterful control over my emotions. Would that my children still viewed me with the awe and, let’s face it, blissful ignorance of very young children. They are no longer very young, only young enough to forgive me when I act like a panicked luddite. But hey, here I am working on a temporary computer. Solution found. Lessons learned… All is right with my world once again.

Peace, out.


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