Jordan Peterson Could Use a Break

Jordan Peterson first came to my attention via Sam Harris’s fantastic Waking Up Podcast, although the introduction was painful and a curious beginning to my  year-long fascination with this oddball professor and intellectual god to millions of young people.   Peterson exploded into the public consciousness about the same time, and has since become as […]

A long-overdue update

I’ve been neglecting this blog, wandering all over the Internet and engaging with ideas in other people’s spaces. A terrible state of affairs, I know, mea culpa. But to be honest, there is such an embarrassment of riches out there, so many wonderful venues for discussion and debate –  I couldn’t help but stray. Quillette […]

December 25, 2013

The sun is slowly, coolly rising over the hill across the river, frigid bands of peach and lavender spreading across the sky. Mysterious, frozen mounds that earlier suggested frightened deer or watchful, thoughtful boar, are revealing themselves to be tree stumps and boulders covered in snow. The river continues to rush beneath crackled, inexorable ice. […]

When in Antwerp

Back home I think a lot about some pretty heavy subjects. I have spent the last year immersed in the minutiae of the so-called climate change debate. It is a fetid cesspool that swarms with disingenuous piranhas who manage the most extraordinary rhetorical gymnastics and impress only their own constituency. If piranhas can have a […]