We Can All Chill Now

People, right now Americans just want to feel like their government is headed by someone who isn’t a rank sociopath, and the fact that they’re rallying around Biden is a good and hopeful sign. It shows that the people haven’t been uniformly hypnotized by the cruel, dog-eat-dog doctrine currently attempting to smother all the hope […]

Donald Trump, thumbs up

Welcome to the Show

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen. The show’s already started, but don’t worry, it’s a circus in there and it doesn’t matter when you come in. The bar’s open, and trust me, you’ll want to fortify yourself.   Donald Trump is a joke, a trickster, a liar, a salesman, a schmoozer, a womanizer. He’s crass […]

I Heart Charlie Hebdo

The prophet Mohamed cradles his head in his hands in despair at being worshipped by violent fundamentalists; Marine le Pen opens her mouth, revealing her father Jean-Marie in her throat; the pope slaps his forehead as he realizes God doesn’t exist; Hollande is humiliated, over and over, for his ridiculous romantic entanglements; Obelix calls for […]

Quebec election 2014

I watched the second Quebec election debate last night. What a spectacle. How tiresome to listen to Pauline Marois and François Legault going at each other as they did, speaking over each other’s voices, or the corruption clusterfuck in which Marois and Legault piled on Couillard for his association with Arthur Porter (making this Liberal […]


Doublespeak, Again

US President Barack Obama and his administration are under attack. The media, when not tisking and tutting about the Republican feeding frenzy over the IRS scandal, the AP wiretapping brouhaha, and the endless round of inconclusive yet strangely dogged Benghazi hearings, is of course, actually clearing the brush, raising this frenetic activity up on a […]

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad

What if Assad Did the Right Thing?

It’s tempting to rubberneck at the catastrophic ruination of Syria the way a child might stand all agog before a presentation of animatronic dinosaurs gobbling each other up like hot dogs at a ball game. It seems so atavistic, like a microcosm of legendary cultural implosions from the distant past, like the Visigoths storming Rome, […]